Rosa Morena classé parmi les meilleurs restaurants péruviens

Le site international xpatnation a publié un classement des meilleurs restaurants péruviens dans le monde. La Rosa Morena se classe à la 32ème place sur 49 établissements!

“It’s not easy to win over European gourmets; they don’t like spicy food,” said Peruvian Chef Pilar Lara Mendoza. But with hard work and talent, Pilar’s restaurant “Rosa Morena” overcame all odds. ‘Rosa Morena’ has achieved great recognition in Geneva. How did Pilar do it? “I come from a family of cooks. My family carried the tradition for five generations. I learned to cook from grandma when I was 10.” Pilar said. How did she name it “Rosa Morena”? “Rosa is my mom’s name and ‘Morena’ is how most Peruvians call black women”

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